​Why Hydroseed?

Hydroseeding vs. Sod

Hydroseeding is a process of planting that simply provides an ideal environment for a seed to germinate and grow in the soil in which is is planted.  It is not an immediate solution to bare dirt, and if you need to have an instant yard ready for a party this weekend, you would be better off paying much more and having sod installed (Yes, I did mention the S-word).  However, if you would prefer to have a lush, healthy yard that will provide your family with an outdoor living space to enjoy and be the envy of your neighbors, hydroseeding is the better alternative.  We are just helping Mother Nature along in her perfect process of growing by adjusting the environment in which we plant.

The S-Word

If you are considering installing sod in your yard, think about the process involved in this endeavor.  They are taking grass that has been growing out in Hemet or somewhere and shearing off most of the root structure to get it down to a size that can be transported easily.  Most plants do not like to have their roots cut off and they will typically go into shock from this alone. Then, they fold it over and stack it up onto pallets with hundreds of pounds on top of it, and beat it up pretty good while doing so.  They might bring it straight to your house, or they may deliver it to a distribution point where it will sit until another truck is ready to bring it to your house and set it in your driveway.  This whole time, the slashed ends of the roots are drying out and closing up, which will eventually cause them to not transpire water very well.  When the installers finally get around to throwing it on wheelbarrows and setting it onto the ground, they still need to trim and adjust and make it fit.  Sod will tend to shrink after it is installed, so they have to try to squeeze it together and have no gaps at the edges. After they are finished, you are left with a bunch of sections of a plant that has grown in a different soil with different PH and composition, has had it’s root structure removed, and you are supposed to just water it and it will thrive.  And you paid 3 to 4 times more for that?  Have you ever transplanted a plant into a bigger pot, but decided it would be better to cut off all the roots first?  Maybe that’s not the best choice.

The ‘Green’ Alternative

Hydroseeding is the ‘green’ alternative to installing sod, and the results will be evident in a beautiful yard that is healthier and easier to maintain. Your hydroseeded lawn will also be more able to withstand the brutal heat of summer and the chill of the winter months, and the effects of children, dogs, bicycles, and barbeques. After all, why plant grass in your yard if you are not going to use and enjoy it?